9 to 5 (the song by Dolly Parton) and Dragon’s Den with Eliza (@confidentenglish_atwork)

We find out in this episode from Eliza @confidentenglish_atwork about two great tools to improve your business English.

The first thing Eliza talks to us about is the song 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton.

Eliza explains that the song provides us with some great business-related vocabulary for example 'to make a living' – which means to earn to live from.

The second business-related tool is the series 'Dragon's Den', a BBC series.

In this series we meet entrepreneurs, who want to sell a product to the dragons (successful business owners).

Eliza tells us that there is great natural language for negotiations and meetings.

Strap in and listen to another great episode of the English Podcast with Tommy

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