Board games presented by Zdenek (@teacherzdenek)

Did you know that board games can help you improve your English?

No, I don't mean the classic board games like chess or Ludo. I mean something a little different.

YES! Board games can help you improve your English! But how?

Well, according to Zdenek @teacherzdenek there is a specific type of board game that he likes, that'll be Clank.

This game, a deck builder, takes you on an adventure through dungeons and other obstacles. This is what Zdenek, likes when he is not a teacher.

But the teacher side of Zdenek likes to play games which are communicative. These could include games like Cluedo, the famous whodunnit game.

So what are we saying here? The simple point is, as learners, to get a game in which you are communicating with each other in the English language and you are actively using the English language.

So, get yourselves your favourite board game: Cluedo, Catan this evening and play with some friends. And remember: enjoy it as well!

Let us know below what board games you like playing!

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