Brilliant British accents episode 11 – Belfast – presented by Rebekah (@englishparati)

Linenopolis! Or should I say: Belfast!

Yes, one of the smaller capitals in the UK, but nevertheless and brilliant melting pot of different accents!

In her debut episode, Rebekah from @englishparati tells us about her accent and how she speaks the English language.

Rebekah explains to us that there is a specific 'Northern Irish twang'. In the region of Mid-Ulster, around Belfast, you'll hear influences from Scotland and north-west England.

We also learn some interesting phrases such as 'houl yer wisht' – 'to shut up', 'jammie sod' – lucky person without making an effort, 'dead on' – 's'one who is a good person' and many others!

So, come and join us and let's learn something new!

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