Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (the film) with Inna (@inna_mill_esl)

A wonderfully chocolatey world awaits you in this episode!

Yes, today we're going to look at the Wonderfull fantastic film Charlie and the chocolate factory, based on the original book written by Roald Dahl.

Inna from @inna_mill_esl talks to us about why she loves this film a lot. To start Inna tells us about the magic that Helen Bonham Carter, Mrs Bucket, breathes into this chocolatey film

Charlie Bucket is a very poor kid who lives with his parents and four grandparents and can only afford to eat cabbage soup.

The other main characters are Augustus Gloop, a very overweight boy who eats a lot, Veruca Salt, the spoilt kid who wants everything NOW, Violet Beauregarde, the serial winner and Mike Teevee, who loves watching TV.

As the story develops it becomes full of chocolate and lots of amazing things happen.

So, drop by and find out what happens in this chocolatey tale!

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