Christmas bloggers 2019 – Advents calendar


This year I have decided to take part in an amazing idea – to create an advents calendar with other bloggers. The reason for this is that I would like to give something back to you at this special time of the year. Starting tomorrow, until the 24th December, you have a chance to win something surprising and simply stunning! On the 24th December, Christmas Eve, multiple bloggers are going away prizes, so you all have a chance to win!

If you don’t want to miss out on winning a prize, then follow us on the Facebook page. You will find the current, which will be opened on that day.

Linda Heinz, the author of LinnisLeben and the organiser of this truly magical advents calendar, will have the pleasure of opening the first door. I have the pleasure of opening the door on the unluckiest day of the year – Friday the 13th! BUT, don’t worry! I’ll make it the luckiest day for some of you readers.

Finally, at this point in time, I would like to wish you all the very best of luck AND also a lot of fun in this Christmas season.

Türchen 1 Türchen 2 Türchen 3 Türchen 4 Türchen 5 Türchen 6 Türchen 7 Türchen 8 Türchen 9 Türchen 10 Türchen 11 Türchen 12 Türchen 13 Türchen 14 Türchen 15 Türchen 16 Türchen 17 Türchen 18 Türchen 19 Türchen 20 Türchen 21 Türchen 22 Türchen 23 Türchen 24 Türchen 24 Türchen 24 Türchen 24

P.S.: As I’m working with a lot of German speaking-bloggers on this Advent calendar, you’ll find a lot of German links. Even if you don’t speak German, watch out for lucky number 13 for something completely different!

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