English e-reader (the website) presented by Yara

Reading is one of the key components of learning. And many learners, in my experience, really hate picking up books.

So what better way to discover your love for reading in English with the power of a wonderful website.

Yes, this week Yara from @inglescomyara has brought a gift to all English learners, who want to improve their reading skills in a different way.

Yara explains to us that with this website we can not just improve our reading skills, but also our listening skills and writing as well.

The beauty of this website is that we find lots of books with audio versions. Furthermore, they are also sorted according to the level these books.

So, it's now time for you to potentially take your English to next level with this podcast episode and also the beauty of this amazing website!

P.S.: if you have used this website, tell us about your favourite book!

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