Frankenstein, the book, presented by Eugenia (@aloha_englishfor you)

It's all a little freaky and experimental in this episode!

No! Don't worry, I've not been experimenting on new things, but Eugenia from @aloha_englishforyou has brought something a little spooky and different.

This gift that Eugenia has brought has is the English classic 'Frankenstein' written by Mary Shelley.

We are told about the background of this story. Frankenstein is the name of a young scientist who creates a creature in an unorthodox experiment. What comes next? Well, that's to find out.

So, what can I get out of it as an English learner? Well, this book may be a classic with older language, but it'll improve your range of vocabulary and many other language aspects.

So, be prepared to get scared and to have a fright with this episode, but be prepared to create a creature of magnificence with your English as well and listen!

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