Importance of reading with Kimberlie (@phrasedllc)

Reading is so important, especially when learning a language.

But what is it about reading that boys do not like? Kimberlie from @phrasedllc tells us about the reasons why boys do not like reading.

The biggest stigma that we see is that girls believe that reading is meant for them, whereas boys think it is something that is uncool. We also hear from Kimberlie that the typical stereotype for boys is to be loud and productive, whereas we believe reading is something we need to do quietly.

So what can we do to get boys to fall in love with books? Reading books doesn't necessarily have to be 'reading a book', per se. We can put an audiobook on, while we're in the car, we could even deliberately leave books in a trail and see which books are picked up.

Why not tune into this eye-opening episode and find out how you can help your children fall in love with books!

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