Lady Into Fox & A Tangled Web by Eugenia (@aloha_englishforyou)

In day three of this wonderful anniversary week, Eugenia from @aloha_englishforyou brings to you two short stories: Lady Into Fox and Tangled Web.

Eugenia tells us a brief description about both of the books. Lady Into Fox is about the peculiar story a woman, who turns into a vixen (a female fox). Nevertheless, her husband insists on treating her as if she were still human. How could we interpret this? Eugenia lets us know!

Tangled Web is something a little different – something a little murkier (murky – not so clear). Want to know more about this? Then go and listen!

Eugenia talks to us about the books and how, despite these books being short stories, you, as language learners can take something out of these books.

So buckle up and come and listen to the 3rd episode of this momentous week!

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