Learn American slang with Blow

Learn American slang with Blow

Genre: Drama; Level B2+

(You’ll find a short vocabulary list at the bottom of this article containing the underlined words. If there are any other words you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask).

Hi! In this blog post you will learn American slang with Blow. You will also find out other ways to improve your English. Here is what I will be talking about in the blog post:

  1. What is Blow about?
  2. Learn American slang with Blow
  3. What does Blow mean?
  4. Other ways to improve my English skills

what is blow about?

Blow follows the story of a man called George Jung. It follows him through his childhood and adolescence. It shows how he grows up with his dad (his parents divorced at a young age). As he grows up he becomes more interested in how he can make a lot money. He starts off by transporting marijuana across the United States. Later on, he traffics cocaine for one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world – Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel in Colombia.

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Is Blow a true story?

Yes, Blow is a true story. It shows how George Jung became one of the richest men in American history during the 1980s. It also shows how quickly Jung became one of the most wanted men. The final section of the film shows how Jung’s supposed friends become informants for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and how he was arrested.

Learn American slang with Blow

There are many ways you can improve your English with this film. Just watching the trailer, will help you improve your English listening skills.


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But the most important thing you can learn is the use of American slang. As Blow is a film based on an American character, the characters sometimes use American slang. Near the end of the trailer, Depp, the main character says ‘pop‘. Pop is American slang for dad or father. Throughout the whole of the film, you will hear more and more examples of American slang.

What does blow mean?

Blow is slang for cocaine. It comes from the verb ‘blow’ as in to blow your nose. As cocaine is mainly snorted, people usually use the word blow to talk about how they take the drug. But blow can also be used as an uncountable noun. Sometimes you might hear people say, ‘Did you get any blow?’ Here is a list of words and phrases that people use when talking about illegal drugs.

other ways to improve my english

Like with every movie and series, you can improve your listening skills. Most of the characters speak quickly, so you might need to use subtitles to understand the film when you watch it the first time. If you need anymore tips on how to learn a foreign language, then look at my previous post.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not expect to understand every word the first time you watch it. There are numerous different ways you can improve your English skills:

  1. Watch the film scene by scene. Write down the new vocabulary you might have learnt
  2. Act out the different scenes with friends. This way you improve not only your listening skills, but also your speaking skills
  3. Re-write one scene of the film. This way you also improve your writing skills

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Tell me what you have learnt from this blog post. Has this film blown your mind? Comment below!

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