Magical music presented by Yasna (@pronunciation_with_miss.oh)

Music can be such an amazing thing to help you improve your language skills. But how?!

In her debut episode Yasna from @pronunciation_with_miss.oh tells us about the story how a school girl, who once hated English, became someone who fell in love with this amazing language, through the power of music!

Yes! With the help of the legendary Colombian singer Shakira, Yasna fell in love. But it all started when Shakira started penning and singing her songs in English. Yasna explains that she was forced into looking up Shakira's lyrics in English and translating them into Spanish (her native language) with the help of a pocket dictionary. The most important part of the story, is that Yasna only translated the main message of the lyrics. And that is what you should do as well!

So why should I use music to improve my language skills? Well, Yana's great example, of how when her favourite singer started singing English, Yasna used this as the reason to go and enjoy Shakira's songs. It was a mindset shift for Yasna and you can use it as well!

So, all aboard the music express and take your language skills to the next station and level, just like Yasna did in this amazing story and episode!

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