Talking about series, films and books with Luiza (@yellowumbrellaschool)

What a wonderful you can have when you add series, films and books all together!

And that's exactly what Luiza from @yellowumbrellaschool is offering you today! Yes, in her debut episode Luiza talks to us about series, films and books and why she loves all three of them, rather than just one of them.

Luiza explains to us, that in the past, she would watch 4-5 hours of series a day, in the times when she was on her way to college or while cooking etc.

But what sort of things does Luiza really like? There was no series that Luiza didn't like from 'How To Get Away With Murder' to 'Pretty Little Liars', from 'Dexter' to Breaking Bad, so there is a lot that Luiza didn't like.

Want to get to know Luiza and her habits of learning / improving her English? Then tune in and listen to this episode and find out more about her and how Luiza tells you can improve your English!

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