Travelling and teaching with Yesica (

Travelling and teaching are two components of this week's amazing episode!

In her debut episode Yesica ( talks to us about how she made it from her native country, Argentina, to Hungary via the Netherlands.

Yesica also tells us the difference between learning a language in a native country (like the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada or Australia) and a non-native speaking country like her homeland of Argentina.

Yesica's journey to Europe started in the Netherlands on a working holiday visa. From the Netherlands. As the pandemic hit, there were a limited amount of countries that were still open to visas. This is how Yesica ended up in Hungary.

Learning a language outside of the country is spoken is very different to learning a language in a native speaking country.

Yesica explains that there are many positives and negatives to learning a language in the native speaking country.

To find out more about these aspects, tune in!

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