Wednesday (the Netflix series) presented by Inna (@inna_mill_esl)

Look who it is, it's Wednesday!

Say what?! Yes, you read that write, it's Wednesday!

In her second episode on the podcast Inna from @inna_mill_esl brings to you the whacky, but very successful Netflix series Wednesday, from the Addams family.

This series, featuring the amazing Jenna Ortega, follows Wednesday Addams after being expelled from her school for retaliation against the water polo team. She lands in a school for outcasts, which also happens to be her parents' alma mater.

So what can we expect to learn from this ghoulish series? Well, Inna talks to us about how we can learn a bit about Wednesday's humour, which is very dry. We can also get a lot of comments from Wednesday, which are critical about society for example 'those who forget history are doomed to repeat it'.

So, try not to forget to listen to this episode and come and learn something new to take your English to the next level.

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