Your lucky number 13 – your chance to win!


Hi there! It is with great pleasure that I open this door on the advents calendar. Some bloggers and I have decided to take part in a wonderful advents calendar where we all give away wonderful prizes to bring some Christmas joy to our readers. Yesterday, Karolina Staufer from Austria had the pleasure of opening up door number 12.

Today, Friday the 13th December 2019, I present you with the lucky number 13.

What am I offering you? Well, behind this magical door, there is a chance of winning one of three vouchers for lessons with me:

You can trade them in for any of my courses – either online or in person.

Do I have to do anything to take part?

The answer is YES. Here are the terms and conditions (Ts and Cs):

  • Like or follow on one of these channels: Facebook, Email, Pinterest or Linkedin
  • Write a comment below saying why you want to learn / are learning English
  • Per person only one comment allowed
  • Optional: Share this on Facebook or Linkedin and you get an extra chance to win!
  • Closing date: 25th December 2019
  • Finally, my kids will draw the winners a few days after Christmas live on Facebook.

With your comment you agree to take part in the competition. Please give your email so that I can contact you, if you win (it won’t be published). I will then delete it in accordance with European Data Protection Laws (DSVGO). I will contact you in the first week after Christmas, if you win. The recourse of the courts and cash payments are excluded.

I wish you all the best of luck! Tommy

Tomorrow Claudia Koll will reveal the present(s) behind door number 14. I’m very excited about finding out what is behind the door.

Here is a list of all the bloggers taking part in this calendar:

Türchen 1 Türchen 2 Türchen 3 Türchen 4 Türchen 5 Türchen 6 Türchen 7 Türchen 8 Türchen 9 Türchen 10 Türchen 11 Türchen 12 Türchen 13 Türchen 14 Türchen 15 Türchen 16 Türchen 17 Türchen 18 Türchen 19 Türchen 20 Türchen 21 Türchen 22 Türchen 23 Türchen 24 Türchen 24 Türchen 24 Türchen 24

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