English theme nights

Learning English In A Relaxed Environment

Do you really want to sit in a boring classroom in the evening and learn English? Would you prefer to play games or bake and decorate biscuits?

Then, this is right place for you! Once a month, we will meet in small groups and learn English in a relaxed environment. Furthermore, learning English will become so much easier!

What are the basics of this course?

talk, telephone, communication


One of the most important things to improve our language skills is communication. Talking to other people helps us develop our skills and feel more confident.



Through activities, such as: watching TV, playing games, reading, listening to music you will easily improve your English skills.
We talk to our partner in English and so we develop our skills. No one needs to be ashamed of having an accent or not being able to speak well.

light bulbs, chosen, bulb

The Next Theme Nights

Autumn activities

Autumn activities
24/09/22 6pm CET

Let's talk about the autumnal season. What do we like to do during the autumn?

Horrifying Halloween theme night

Horrible Halloween!
29/10/22 2pm CET

Together we will talk about Halloween. Do you have any horrifying Halloween traditions?!

Magical Christmas
26/11/22 6pm CET

Let's talk about your Christmas traditions. Do you think they are different to those in the UK?

Story Time
17/12/22 6pm CET

let's Read some short stories and practise our speaking skills

What are you waiting for? 
Book a place for one of my popular theme nights for just 10€ for 90 minutes

Theme nights are for you if

✔️you already have basic English skills  ✔️you want to improve your language skills ✔️you would like to finally trust yourself to speak more ✔️are planning to migrate to an English-speaking country and would like to get into the language 

Theme nights are not for you if

❌ you don't have any English knowledge ❌ you're not interested in the topic

HI! I'm Tommy

I grew up in a bilingual family. I also studied German, French and Spanish at school and university so I know how hard it is to learn a new language and always stay motivated. That’s why with me you will learn English grammar and vocabulary with a lot of fun! 
I have worked as a freelance English teacher and trainer. I noticed that many (potential) students would like to practice more, but simply don’t have enough time. My idea for this blog came from there. I would like to help you to integrate English in your everyday life combining English with your already existing hobbies.


Tommy is an excellent English teacher with lots of passion!
I definitely recommend lessons with Tamás. The lessons are always well structured and varied. The explanations are very well explained with good examples. Tamás works on weaknesses and has a lot of patience. That was needed with me, because I last learnt English over 20 years ago
Excellent teacher who will take your grammar to another level! Helped me to score very good in the TOEFL-Test. Good sense of humor included. Thank you Tamás!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The price per person is €10.00

Can others see me?

You can decide that yourself. If you have a webcam, and you share your picture with us, it’s nicer, but you don’t have to.

What do I need for the theme nights?

Apart from a tablet or computer with an internet connection, you need a microphone, and also, if you would like, a webcam. 

and you should also be in a good mood 🙂 

How many places are there per theme night?

Per theme night there are 10 places. So be sure to book your place quickly!

Which tool will be used for the theme night?

We will use Zoom. I will send the invitations out before the theme night.

How can i pay for theme night?

When you click on the link I send you, you will be re-directed to the payment page: Elopage, where you can choose from the various different payment options.

What are you waiting for? 
Book a place for one of my popular theme nights for just 10€ for 90 minutes

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