Dr Who (the BBC series) presented by Laura (@tesolpop)

Stop! It's time to meet the Doctor!

Which doctor might I be talking about? I'm talking about the cult BBC series called Dr. Who, which has been a BBC serial since 1963!

But why should we want to watch a series that has been on British TV for so long?

In her return to the English Podcast with Tommy, Laura from @tesolpop talks to us about Doctor Who and the importance of this British show and how you can improve your English skills.

Despite this TV series going on for over 60 years, this is a mainstay of the BBC and British society and culture.

For Anglophiles, this is a series that you can really get into.

There are some really nice phrases and language used in this TV series for example British puns and sarcasm.

So, it's time to dive into the Tardis and do some travelling with the Doctor and listen to this episode and take your English into a different dimension!

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