Amazing American accents episode 8 with Dela (@delateaches)

In the second episode of this double-bill to end my anniversary week, Dela from @delateaches brings to us another amazing American accent.

Dela, who comes from the WMD area (Washington, Maryland and Delaware) talks to us about the way she speaks the English language.

First of all, I make the big mistake of saying that the state capital of Maryland is Baltimore, my apologies to anyone who lives in Maryland!

Dela is put on the spot in this episode to find out whether she knows about the Maryland and Washington accents.

We find out that in Maryland, the letter 'r' is added to the end of words. You'll also find out what the question 'How 'bout them O's' means as well.

Join me for this final episode of this momentous anniversary week and find out more about the way Dela speaks the English language!

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