Amazing metaphors with Ieva (anglu_kalbos_kabinetas)

In her debut episode, Ieva @anglu_kalbos_kabinetas talks to us about metaphors.

In our unconscious, Ieva says that we actually think in metaphors, which I would say is very interesting.

The phrase 'crazy about someone' is actually a metaphor, because we cannot actually be crazy about someone, or maybe we can :-). This can be found, for example, in songs from blues to soul and alternative rock

When you hear, for example, someone say they feel 'high' this is a metaphor of posture. From a Mumford and Sons song, we can also hear the metaphor 'black trees bend' – meaning that something is very dark and the mood is very bad.

Come and find some more metaphors as you listen to this metaphorically rich episode!

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