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22 Amazing Christmas presents for English learners

Christmas is coming soon, so what best way to prepare yourself than by looking at the amazing Christmas presents for English learners. Are you still looking for some Christmas crackers for friends and family? Or perhaps you’re looking for something to fill you with joy. Let’s look at the amazing range of Christmas presents:

Ideas for book lovers

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Great graded readers for English learners

Graded readers (or also just called readers) are books or e-books which have been adopted for language learners. The reading materials are graded from starter to upper-intermediate to help the learner choose the right book for their level. The higher the level of the book, the more advanced the learner should be.

Amazing Christmas presents for English learners would not be the same without a quality graded reader to read in front of a fireplace on a cold winter’s day. Here are some book ideas:

#1. Chilling sci-fi; Level B1*

1984 is a science-fiction book, specifically adapted for English learners. The government controls everything and every move you make. Is there anything in Winston Smith’s life that isn’t controlled by the government? Is love, perhaps, not controlled by the Party?

#2. Awesome autobiography; Level B1*

This is another book I looked after in my graded reader blog post. This is an autobiography about Frank McCourt, an Irish immigrant in the USA. It follows his life as a teacher in New York. Will he be a success with his new class? Or will he fail? Can he use his life experiences to inspire his students to not be bored, confused or angry?

#3. Cliffhanger thriller; B1*

A book about an eleven year old. But he’s not any sort of eleven year. He has a secret that is too dangerous. But it is also too dangerous not to tell. What should he do?

#4. Classic book; B1*

Othello is a man whose life is sweet. Everything is going for well him. He does not know that his flag-bearer hates him and wants revenge. Will Othello survive?

#5. Horrifying horror; B1*

Dorian Gray is a young, handsome man. An artist decides to paint his picture. Gray makes a wish. Over the years, Gray stays young, but the portrait grows older. But why won’t Gray show his friends the portrait? What is he hiding?

For more great graded readers, read my previous blog post here

Best books for English learners

The list of amazing Christmas presents would not be the same without a few powerful messages from black, British authors, few creative comics and a beautiful classic by Jane Austen. These books will take your English to the next level, because they are written specifically for native speakers. Reading one of these will enrich your vocabulary and grammar a lot!

#1. Powerful top seller*; C1/C2

The first black British author, who sat earlier this year, at the top of the fiction charts since 2015, Evaristo’s book follows 12 different characters and the struggles they face in society. Evaristo talks very clearly about gender and race in this book. These are two very sensitive issues at the moment, but will also help you in difficult conversations.

#2. Truthful autobiography*; Level B2/ C1

This is Zephaniah’s autobiography from 2018. He tells about his childhood in Birmingham, UK. Furthermore, he also tells us how he made it to the world stage, despite going to prison and being dyslexic. Zephaniah is an inspiring black, British author, because he shows us how people can change their lives around, even if they have a hard childhood.

#3. Trouble all around; Level A2/B1; Humour

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The Beano is one of the first British comic books to be released. It follows Dennis The Menace and his friends as they create chaos in all different situations.

#4. Silky stories; Level B2; Action*

This follows the adventures of Peter Parker, who is bitten by a spider. The story about Peter Parker, who is bitten by a spider. He then helps New York City against bad people such as the Green Goblin. There have been numerous films based on Parker’s adventures in the comic books.

#5. Beautiful classic*

The book is about the nature and place of romantic love in rural Victorian England.

It was written by Jane Austen in 1813 and it follows the stories of the two main characters Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet on their journey to destiny. Mr Darcy has to overcome his pride and Elizabeth her prejudice towards Mr Darcy in order for there to be a happy ending. Will they come together? Or will they still have problems with one another?

For more information about this wonderful book, read my blog post on Pride and Prejudice.

#6. Kindle*

A Kindle is not a book. Nevertheless, you can a wide range of different books on it for example e-books and graded readers. The Kindle has a lot of advantages for language learners. For more information, read my blog post about Kindles.

For other books to buy for Christmas, you can read my posts, for example about inspiring black, British authors and about the best comics to read as well as my other book reviews

Helpful language learning materials for English learners

These learning materials are not only for those who are just starting their English language journey, but also those who are already in the middle of it. Let’s have a look at some of the best language learning materials on the market:

#1. The Ultimate Business English Book For Intermediate Learners*

There are many good business English books on the market, but this is one I like the most because it not only uses common business topics like handling calls and making decisions, but it also has chapters about people skills and an additional five ‘management scenarios’ for those of you who might be training to become managers or are already managers. Each unit in a chapter is divided so as each language skill (reading, writing, listening and speaking) is practiced equally.

Moreover, you can find this book at an elementary level, pre-intermediate level and, of course, upper-intermediate for those of you with a higher level.

#2. Amazing General English Companion*

If you’re not a business person and you don’t want to learn just grammar, then please check this out humdinger of a book! This is a personal favourite of many of my students, because it includes modern topics for example future society and socialising. It allows for you to learn everyday English. With this book comes a very practical companion – the workbook, which lets you develop the knowledge gained from the students’ book.

For more sensational language learning materials, read my post about the best exercise books for language learners.

#3. Fundamental English basics*

Are you finding it hard to understand the English basics? Then look no further than this quick reference guide. This will help you with all areas of basic English grammar. This is an amazing idea for those who are struggling with English grammar.

#4. Easy-to-use vocabulary pack*

A great way to complement the above grammar pack, is to get this vocabulary pack for intermediate learners. It will help you to remember those annoying words / phrases you keep forgetting. It is also available for beginners.

#5. English course voucher

Do you want to improve your English? Have you got very little time? Then, contact me for a voucher.

Sound Like A Brit…

Would you like to sound more like a Brit in free time, then sign up immediately to my freebie below!

Other great gift ideas

Books and language guides might not be what you’re looking for. So, here are some interesting gifts you could think of:

#1. Language learners’ best companion*

You might think that a bullet journal is not the first thing a language learner needs, but you would be wrong. Where are you going to write all those words / phrases you learnt from reading books, listening to music or watching films. With the bullet journal, you can organise your language learning in the way you think is best.

#2. A mug of literature*

Yes! A mug with some very famous English literature phrases. This way you can learn phrases from classic books such as David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. It will motivate you to want to read some of the best classics in the English language!

#3. Amazon Prime Subscription*

It is important to improve your other skills as well. To do this, get yourself an Amazon Prime Subscription. You have the chance to choose from millions of songs, lots of podcasts and other fantastic range of products that can help you improve your English. Sign up today!

#4. Brilliant British bookmark*

To go with the book you’re reading, it is important to have a bookmark. And what better gift than a phrase that is typically British: ‘Keep calm….’. This bookmark will motivate you to keep on reading through the dark, winter days.

#5. British break time treat*

It’s not possible to study all the time. It is necessary to also have breaks. The best way to do this is to immerse yourself in British culture with these different teas. Not only will they keep you warm through the winter, but you’ll feel the true British culture flowing through you.

#6. Classic British board games*

Learning English can also be very fun. Here is one of my childhood favourites: Guess Who. Here we have to guess the person you’re partner is hiding by asking different questions about hair colour, whether they are male and female or other questions. This can be played by adults and children together.

Here are a few more classic British board games:

As you can see there are many amazing gifts for English learners. No matter what level or part of the language journey you are on, there is something for you. Have a look at these

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