Hannah Montana / Suits (series) presented by Isa (@lessonoftheweek.co)

In yet another debut episode of the podcast, Isa @lessonoftheweek.co brings to us two of her favourite series.

Isa is an English teacher and a backpacker. She teaches English online and also in person. Isa gives back as a volunteer English teacher in south east Asia.

Isa has been on many adventures in south east Asia for example living in a Buddhist monastery.

Isa admits to being a big fan of Hannah Montana, the singer in the Disney TV series. Isa is also a fan of Miley Cyrus, the main actress in Hannah Montana.

Isa learnt English with Hannah Montana due to her everyday vocabulary and daily conversations.

When it comes to Suits we can a lot of specific language to do with legal affairs. At the beginning of watching Suits, Isa didn't understand much of the language, because of the specific language that was used.

To find out more about these two series and Isa, go and listen to this episode!

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