how to improve your English with a kindle

How to improve your English with a Kindle

Level A2/B1

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(You’ll find a short vocabulary list at the bottom of this article containing the underlined words. If there are any other words you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask).

Today I’m going to discuss how you can improve your English with a kindle.

Here are the things I’m going to talk about in the post:

  1. Kindle vs book
  2. How can a kindle improve my English?
  3. How to use the Kindle for English learning
  4. Why should you invest in a kindle?

Kindle vs book

Have you tried an e-book reader before? Or do you prefer to read printed books? Or do you maybe even read your e-book on the tablet or the computer? I only started using an e-book reader, a kindle to be exact, very recently. I always preferred holding a printed book in my hand. And when I had an e-book to look at, I used my computer for reading it. However, having started to use my kindle, I quickly saw the advantages it has to offer.

Some general advantages are:

  • Better for your eyes, than a laptop or a tablet
  • Easier to carry and hold than a laptop and a tablet because it weighs much less
  • More efficient than Kindle apps available on iPhone or Android
  • Waterproofed versions available
  • Once charged, the Kindle has a long battery life
image book vs e-book

How can a kindle improve my English?

Besides the general advantages it is great for language learners because:

  • Books are cheaper. The books cost less than conventional paperbacks or hardbacks
  • Easy to find specific literature for you – makes it more user-friendly
  • You can find books in target language easily
  • Integrated English-English dictionary gives simple definitions of words, meaning less time to look-up words
  • There is also a built-in dictionary so you can translate into your native language
  • You can improve both reading and listening skills. You can listen to audiobook version while reading
  • In contrast to local libraries, there are wide range of e-books available in English on Amazon Prime* or Kindle unlimited*. (And the best you can try both 30 days for free)

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How to use the Kindle for English learning?

Kindle is an easy tool to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it for language learning

Buying a book

Click on the top of the Kindle screen. Then tap store and then you have the following screen:

buying an e-book

Alternatively, you can download a book onto your computer and copy it from there onto the kindle.

Choosing a book from the library

Click on library, then you have the screen, as below, with all your books. Tap on the book you would like to read.

choosing a book from library

Reading and Using a dictionary

Tap on the three dots at the side of the screen. Then tap on settings.

choosing the dictionary (step 2)

Then click on language and dictionaries. Once you click on dictionary, you can choose from the different dictionaries.

choosing the dictionary (step 1)

To look up a word in the dictionary, you hold your finger on the word and the Kindle will underline it. You will then see a dialog box with the meaning of the word:

using the dictionary

Different types of kindles

If you now feel like looking into investing in a kindle you will soon see that there are different kinds on the market. Let me give you a short overview over the different kinds.

Kindle*Kindle Paperwhite*Kindle Oasis*
Display size
6 Inches (15 cm) glare-free6 Inches (15 cm) glare-free7 Inches (17 cm) glare-free
Disk Space4 GB8 or 32 GB8 or 32 GB
Resolution167 ppi300 ppi300 ppi
Waterproof IPX8nonoyes
Auto adjusting light sensornonoyes

Finally: Why should you invest in a kindle?

Kindle is the perfect guide to improve your English. It is not only book reader, but also a fantastic tool which can, with the help of the integrated dictionary, make finding the meaning of a word much quicker.

Furthermore, you can improve your listening skills by downloading audiobooks onto the Kindle. This way you improve two skills: listening and reading.

And if you would like to learn how to sound like a brit, Download this amazing guide!

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