Improve your English with marginalia presented by Andy (@andys.)

It's all in the margins!

Yes, did you know that you could also improve your English by writing in margins?

But how? Well in this episode Andy from @andys.everyday.english tells us about how we can improve our English with marginalia.

Andy tells us that marginalia is a skill of making notes in the margins of a These notes can written document whether that be a book, an article or a letter. These notes can be made by the original author or by you the reader. And they can be your thoughts, annotations or other comments to do with the piece of writing.

For some people, myself included as I mentioned in this episode, writing in the margins of a book or written document is not something we like to do. However, Andy mentions that students can get a lot from the art of marginalia.

Join the conversation! Let us know what you think of the art of marginalia. Is it as I see 'the defacing of literature' or a conversation between the reader and writer of the book?

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