The Marvellous Mrs Maisel (the series) presented by Irene (@all_about_english_with_irene)

She's simply marvellous, isn't she?!

Yes, I'm not only talking about Irene from @all_about_english_with_irene but also Mrs Maisel!

This week Irene brings us the series The Marvellous Mrs Maisel on her podcast debut. Irene tells us that this series is one of her most favourite.

So what is this series about? We are told that the story starts in the late 50s and ends in 2005 in its final season.

Mrs Maisel is a young Jewish housewife from New York. Mrs Maisel decides that she wants to become a stand-up comedian in a very traditionalist society.

Despite this series being a comedy series, there are a lot of themes that you will come across while watching this: politics, heritage and sexism.

To get more marvellous content from this podcast, come and listen to this marvellous episode with another marvellous guest.

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