Trivia with Josh (@drjoshzak)

It's all a question of details, isn't it?!

Yes, in et another debut episode, this time with Josh from @drjoshzak we look at the wonderful world of trivia.

Josh talks to us about his journey from Ohio, USA to Bali. It all started with a job he hated in finance, that led Josh to apply for a teaching job in South Korea.

From there he moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and then onto Bali.

Trivia for learners is something that a lot of learners can use.

Josh tells us that there are numerous topics that we can learn things from. And the main point of trivia is the 'aha' moment, where we can learn something new!

Depending on age and level, there's a lot of things that you can learn.

Find out more about this very interesting idea of learning of trivia, listen in!

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