The World Of Warcraft presented by Yessica (@ourconversationclub)

It's all a bit magical this week!

In her second episode on the English podcast with Tommy, Yessica from @ourconversationclub talks to us about the magical world of the computer game The World Of Warcraft.

Starting as a computer game, it has become a complete universe.

Yessica started reading books about to do with the World of Warcraft and then moved onto the computer game.

But how can you improve your English with this computer game? Yessica explains that she started playing the game in English. She explains that with the different characters, you, English learners, are exposed to different accents and dialects. Some of the language is very game-related, but this makes it exciting for learners.

So, to find out about this magical world, come and drop by and listen to this episode!

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